Mission, vision and values

Aciturri's main goal is to give value to its clients. Their capacity to achieve this is based on the professional staff that make up the company, on their suppliers and on the ability of both to put all their experience, their ability to transmit, their knowledge and their mastery of technology at the service of the customer.

Innovate in technologies and processes, globalize activities and develop our professionals to offer an integral service, profitable, different and close to our customers.






To be an innovative company, recognized by its know-how and control of technology in the international aeronautic sector

The principle ACITURRI values that affect the Organization's behaviour and the people part of it, remain the same over time and condition and affect the way in which ACITURRI achieves its Vision and Mission. The main ACITURRI values are: Transparency, Respect, Dynamism, Commitment, Flexibility and Value Creation.