Aciturri maintains a strong commitment to the encouragement and the development of new technology and promotes continual research and development, with the purpose of maintaining a culture of Technological Investigation which will increase its competitiveness to a national and international level. 

The company has participated, since 2002, in a number of European R&D projects. Aciturri has taken part in reference projects such as the V, VI, and VII European Framework Programme, like AWIATOR, SILENCER, RC2, LAYSA or HP-SMART EMA, the last in the Clean Sky frame.

Aciturri is still strongly active at a national level, both individually and in partnership with clients, suppliers and competitors. Currently the main research activity focuses on composite material. In which Aciturri is involved in CENIT projects like ICARO alongside Airbus or SINTONIA with Boeing.

The innovation of the team has led to the search of applying their skills and knowledge to projects outside the aeronautical sector, which in number cases has resulted in the award of new patents.


Aciturri participates in R&D projects which are co-financed by national organisations and ERDF

R & D Project aeronautical sector led by Boeing Research & Technology Europe SL that aims to study and develop new technologies aimed at minimizing the environmental impact and increasing the efficiency of unmanned aircrafts (UAVs), by improving their cycle life.

 This is a collaborative project developed by a national consortium funded and financiered by CDTI through the CENIT program 2009.

ACITURRI COMPOSITES participates in various project activities ranging from research on new recyclables materials and their processing out of autoclave, using in addition, advanced preparation techniques, to the development of more efficient design tools. For this porpoise, ACITURRI works in collaboration with a network of four other Spanish technology centres closely linked to the aerospace and industrial sector: TECNALIA (Guipúzcoa), IMDEA (Madrid), AIMEN (Pontevedra) and CARTIF (Valladolid).

The aeronautical sector CENIT Project financed by CDTI through the CENIT 2010 program and led by Airbus Operations SL. The project aims to investigate and develop new intelligent technologies and environmentally sustainable smart generation in composite structures. In this action plan ACITURRI COMPOSITES focuses its research on liquid injection processes and in the automation of preformed operations as an alternative to obtain the composite materials carbon fibre, with automated laminate and curing in autoclave.

As part of this project ACITURRI is working with the CIDAUT foundation (Valladolid), a national technology centre with experience in these technologies and their application for the aeronautical sector.