As an aerostructure first level supplier (Tier 1) Aciturri value chain encompasses all activities related to the design, development, manufacture and integration of structural assemblies for the aerospace industry. The Company has a Centre of Excellence in the integration of aerostructures in Seville and specific areas and specialized equipment on assembly lines at each of the Aciturri facilities.



  • Risk contract participation in the design and manufacture of VTP
  • Contract for manufacturing of the internal parts of section 19


    • Design and manufacture of components and flap vanes contract
    • Manufacturing and assembly sponsons contract
    • Manufacturing and assembly rudder spar contract

    Falcon F7X

    • Elevators design and manufacturing Contract
    • • HTP manufacture of components Contract


    • HTP mounting edges contract
    • Structural assembly of passenger door contract


    • Central Box: Structural Assembly and equipment
    • Tip Wings integration


    • Manufacturing and integration Contract of the 50% of HTP drawers
    • Manufacturing contract of the landing gear door
    • Skins and spars manufacturing Contract

    Boeing 737

    • Manufacture and assembly rudder contract

    A320 family

    • Section 18 structural assembly contract
    • Manufacture of components HTP contract

    A330 MRTT

    • Manufacture and assembly of structural elements of the fuel system contract


    • Central Box: Structural Assembly and equipment
    • Tip Wings integration


    • Belly Fairing zone 2 risk participation design, manufacture and assembly contract
    • Risk contract participation in the design and development of the elevator and rudder
    • Wing component manufacturing and HTP contract
    • Manufacture of Belly Fairing zone 3 contract
    • Manufacturing the air intake ducts to APU contract


      • Risk Contract participation in the design, manufacture and integration of the Wing to Fuselage Fairing package


      • Fuel tanks manufacturing contract
      • Manufacturing flares fairings contract


      • Manufacture and installation of sponsons contract
      • Manufacturing and vertical tail assembly contract