Customer support

Aciturri provides support services to its clients in various areas:

Replacement Support

Support 24/7 to spare parts order from different priority:
  • AOG: Aircraft On Ground
  • CRIT: Critical
  • EXP: Expedite
  • ROU: Routine

Technical Support

Support 24/7 in those programmes that Aciturri is responsible for the design:
  • Collaboration in the GSE tooling defining in programmas with responsibility design
  • Maintenance Program activities Support (analysis MSG-3).
  • Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA): timing and accessibility
  • Maintainability Analysis QMA (Qualitative Maintainability Analysis Checklist): analysis of accessibility, interchangeability, reparability, GSEs need

Repair Support

Repair Support under client’s guidelines and certification

Technical Publications

Support in the development of programme handbooks with Design responsibility
  • AMM: Aircraft Maintenance Manual
  • SRM: Structural Repair Manual
  • CMM: Component Maintenance Manual
  • IPC: Illustrated Parts Catalog
  • SB: Service Bulletins