First prototypes of Additive Manufacturing technologies in EWIRA

Develop of a new hinge fitting design using additive manufacturing technology in EWIRA Core Partner consortium

The Manufacturing Technology Centre and Aciturri Engineering have developed a hinge fitting with additive manufacturing technology that shows reductions of up to 40% in weight and 90% in raw material waste compared to traditional manufacturing techniques.

As part of Clean Sky 2 R&D programme (within H2020 framework), Aciturri leads EWIRA Core Partner consortium, integrated by Aciturri Engineering, Aciturri Assembly, Caetano Aeronautics and The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC). This group is concentrated in innovative technologies for wing components of the Regional Flight Test Bed 2 (FTB#2) demonstrator leaded by Airbus Defense and Space within the Regional-IADP consortium. 

The MTC, with the support of Aciturri Engineering, has recently made an important progress in these innovation works, with the develop of a hinge fitting design using additive manufacturing technology, in order to maximise the benefits in terms of weight and raw material waste reduction.

The first samples of this new hinge fitting, which is a critical part for the Regional Flight Test Bed 2 demonstrator, show reductions of up to 40% in weight and 90% in raw material waste when compared to the conventional designs and manufacturing techniques.

FIGURE: First prototypes of aileron hinge in Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies: in ABS baseline fitting design (left) compared to the AM optimized one (centre); and titanium AM sample with the optimized design (right).

In Aciturri, we maintain a strong commitment to the development of new technologies, and we promote continual research in technological investigation. EWIRA constitutes a clear example of Aciturri determination to strengthen its participation in international R&D initiatives, and an opportunity to be at the vanguard of aerospace industry progress.




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