La Cadena de Suministro en Aciturri: colaboración, ante todo.

Supply Chain at Aciturri: collaboration, first of all.

Supply Chain at Aciturri: collaboration, first of all.

Sergio Camps, Supply Chain Director at Aciturri

The Aciturri Supply Chain stands on a global network of reliable and experts partners, which allows our clients innovative solutions based on continuous improvement and competitiveness. A key concept is what guides our evolution and work: collaboration. The main value around which many others emerge, such as technical excellence, ethics or support.

Resort to the best. But also know how to accompany them; That is the challenge. Monitor the entire process and establish a mutual demand that leads us to grow together with guarantees. Rigor is part of our culture and we always think that "we must lead by example."
After all, the strength of this chain resides specifically in that of each of its links, from the least visible to the "headliner." Keep in mind that "a chain is as strong as its weakest link."

A progressive update
Inclusion in our Supply Chain takes time. Although there is great autonomy in the introduction of new partners in the purchase or subcontracting process, to participate in large-scale projects we need them to demonstrate compliance with the quality problems and deliveries we need in Aciturri, or their high value contribution to the market aeronautical. Excellence in quality and delivery is a "must" in our sector.

For this, we establish progressive relationships with these new collaborators, so that they can validate their level of dialogue and the fulfillment of objectives. Thus, in the award of projects, those responsible for the Aciturri supply chain take into account criteria related to the quality, delivery times, industrial and economic capacity of our partners, or their flexibility and adaptation to change, closely linked to the "service" demanded by our sector. We want to work with collaborators that help us solve problems.

In the pursuit of excellence
"A company never gets anywhere ..." - said our CEO Ginés Clemente a few days ago - "... you always have to be growing and creating." And this is a conviction that we carry to all areas of our company: excellence only comes with constant renewal. Improve, improve, improve and improve again.
For this, we are fortunate to have a team whose daily dedication makes it possible for us to permanently explore new ways of collaboration and opportunities for improvement. We want collaborators who dedicate time to think about how they can do things and do them better and do not spend this time explaining why they cannot get them.
Supporting the development and business sustainability of the members of our Supply Chain is one of our key principles in this path. Only the best suppliers guarantee the contribution of added value and competitiveness to the clients that we look for in Aciturri, and only through this commitment and thanks to the collaboration of which we spoke previously that status is attainable.
That is why we work to develop close relationships with our suppliers, in which we offer all the support at our disposal; always under this objective of shared growth in order to achieve excellence in products and competitiveness.
In addition, if we want to provide the best solutions in terms of time and cost, it is necessary to bet decisively on hiring local suppliers.
Aciturri currently has 76% of national suppliers and 62% of national turnover. We do not only talk about this improvement in terms and costs, we also talk about the development of the Spanish aeronautical industry and the strengthening of our local partners. Our business is global, yes, but what we are looking for is to reach that international objective thanks to the strengthening of the national industrial fabric.
The SPACE Spain project, in which Aciturri participates, also goes in this direction: to help with our own resources to develop the national supply chain.

With ethics in the foundations of the chain
Ethics, integrity and professionalism constitute the value of the activities we carry out in our company, and thus we transfer it to our Aciturri Supply Chain. We promote among suppliers and subcontractors the fulfillment of the basic criteria related to human and labor rights, occupational health and safety, respect for the environment or knowledge and implementation of the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact.

This is how we guarantee the development and sustainability of our business project, based on a mission, vision and values ​​shared and integrated by all the members of Aciturri.

We select collaborators aligned with our corporate principles, we demand full respect for collective, labor and ethical rights in accordance with our internal procedures, and we act with transparency, objectivity and impartiality, in a manner consistent with our Code of Conduct.
Transparency and having the ability to talk about everything directly, are key in the relationship.

To end
Aciturri's team of suppliers today is made up of self-demanding, innovative, diverse, industrial, reliable and transparent people; They ensure the integrity of their work and make it possible for deliveries to be made on time, with quality standards and cost constantly improving.
Years of experience and collaboration within the supply chain that today make Aciturri a pioneer company committed to results, capable of leading complex and transformative projects.
Our current position as a company is partly thanks to all of you. Let's continue working with enthusiasm and enthusiasm in this beautiful project that still has many pages to write.

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