Product Definition: “Adulthood” within Aciturri.

Product Definition: “Adulthood” within Aciturri.

Product Definition: “Adulthood” within Aciturri.

                                   Article wrote by J. Agustín Salaberría, director of Aciturri Product Definition area of ​​, after 18 years of activity.


Implementing a Product Definition team within the aerospace industry requires to establish strong basis base of knowledge and experience, in which, beside strict regulation, the aptitude and attitude of its members play a key role in order to guarantee its sustainability.

It is also a fast-evolving sector, which constantly leads us to adopt new tools and information systems that could guarantee, more efficiently, the integrity of the product from its initial concept to the end of its life.

What we want to show here is our journey through the evolution of a mature team committed to the clear objectives of learning, improving and adding value to the company.

The first steps

The Product Definition department of Aciturri started in 2000 at the facilities of Tres Cantos (Madrid).       
Although it was then when the design and calculation tasks began to have their own entity; the team began a more extensive, structured and consolidated activity (together with personnel located in the facilities of Boecillo, Valladolid) after the first contract as a risk partner with Airbus Spain in 2003.  

The agreement was for the design, calculation and manufacture of components for the A380 rudders, which entailed an associated technical delegation that was a major challenge in the activity of our group.        
Aciturri was responsible, always under the close monitoring of Airbus, for aspects such as the design of composite and metallic detail parts, the design of subassemblies, calculation justifications (both static and fatigue) and the resolution of non-conformities.

That was our first “big project”, followed by the Falcon 7X for Airbus D&S, for which we assumed design and calculation tasks for the airplane's rudder; program that, due to its dimension and the experience acquired from the previous one, we executed satisfactorily in a relatively short time.


Once our capabilities were tested, in 2005 we signed a new risk contract, consisting of the design, calculation and manufacture of components for the A400M flaps for Airbus Bremen.   
This project represented an important qualitative leap for a department that was still quite young. It was the first project to be developed abroad, with the handicap of having to create an ad hoc team in the Bremen facility that could agree on conceptual designs.

Thanks to the dedication of the team, their enthusiasm and the determination to improve, the truth is that we achieved this challenge with acknowledged success.

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