V Congress of Family Business in Castilla y León

V Congress of Family Business in Castilla y León

V Congress of Family Business in Castilla y León

This Thursday our CEO, Ginés Clemente, will participate in the V Regional Congress of Family Business in Castilla y León, which will bring together more than 200 regional entrepreneurs in Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid).

The importance of growth in family companies will be the central topic of the meeting, which will be addressed, among others, from the round table in which our CEO will participate, along with Jon Riberas, president of Gonvarri Steel Industries, and Gerardo Gutiérrez, founder of Gadea Pharmaceutical Group.

The three of them will share their personal experiences for the conception and development of growth strategies consistent with that familiar spirit that characterizes companies such as Aciturri, where this concept of family is clearly one of our hallmarks and one of our greatest values.

This debate will be accompanied by a second session focused on publicizing the business growth plan launched by the Government of Castilla y León in collaboration with EFCL, in which representatives of two of the companies that are already participating in the initiative will participate: Blasgon, and the Bodega Hermanos del Villar.

Consult more information about the congress here.

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