5S monitoring in Aciturri

5S monitoring in Aciturri

5S monitoring in Aciturri

Since 2013, Aciturri has its own methodology based on the Lean model, linked to performance evaluation systems. Thus, we managed to transform the strategic objectives and the global business plan into annual operational projects, which we call "ADN Projects" (Aciturri Development Network).

One of them has been the recent implementation of a system that supports the assessment, evaluation and monitoring model of the “5S” actions in all our facilities.

This model, of Japanese origin, refers to the five key procedures that must be respected to ensure and improve the quality in the company: classify, order, clean, standardize and discipline.

The effective monitoring of these procedures is fundamental for companies like ours, in which the definition and maintenance of operating standards, as well as the systematic recording of real data, play a key role.

The system consists of the unfolding of a computer tool that allows the digitalization of the audit process of 5S, in such a way that it is possible to automate and standardize the formulation process of these reviews, as well as the registration, assignment and follow-up of the improvement actions resulting.

This is how we manage to generate a real support on which to build a solid strategy for continuous improvement that ensures the maintenance of a competitive position in the market.

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