5th Women and Aeronautics International Conference

5th Women and Aeronautics International Conference

5th Women and Aeronautics International Conference

Our Director of Innovation, Ester Porras, will participate tomorrow in Madrid in the 5th "Women and Aeronautics International Conference" organized by Aeropress and Fly News. She will discuss together with other colleagues about the gender gap in the technological and aerospace industry.

To do so, they will take as a reference the comparison between "Generation X" (referring to those born between the mid 60's and the beginning of the 80's) and the "Millennians" (people born between 1982 and 2004), and they will analyse both the timing and concrete measures that they consider necessary to achieve gender equality.

In the conference will be also present Ana Belén Retamar and Ana María Martín (Airbus); Cristina Cuerno (ETSIAE); Laura Monclús (Habock Aviation); Gema de Benito (Siemens Healthineers) and representatives of the Air Force and the Official College of Telecommunications Engineers.

During the meeting, the III Women and Aeronautics Award will be announced in the categories of "Best Professional Career", "Company with More Women in Management Positions" and "Company with the Best Gender Equality Policies".

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