Aciturri acquires Acatec Aeroassembling

Aciturri acquires Acatec Aeroassembling

Aciturri acquires Acatec Aeroassembling

Aciturri has formalized with Acatec the purchase agreement of its division specialized in the assembly of aeronautical structures, Acatec Aeroassembling, S.L.U.

Based in Getafe (Madrid), it will integrate into Aciturri's structure as a subsidiary of our parent company, and will be operationally dependent on Aciturri Assembly, the firm that brings together our work in this area.  

This operation, that responds to our strategic objectives of Sustainability and Operational Excellence, involves the internalization of the assembly work of the horizontal stabilizer drawer of the A320 HTP -developed up until now by Acatec Aeroassembling as supplier- and the integration in our team of the 82 people that work in its production workforce.

Thus, we´ll guarantee high quality deliveries in one of the leading programs in the segment of single aisle aircraft, actually in ramp up stage. In 2018, they were delivered more than 600 units of the A320 family, whose new versions incorporates relevant technical novelties.

Our company reinforces with this operation its assembly activity, thanks to the integration of an experienced team, with a deep knowledge about the assembly of the horizontal stabilizer drawer of the A320.

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