Aciturri impulses the industrial businesses accelerator “Polo Positivo”

Aciturri impulses the industrial businesses accelerator “Polo Positivo”


Burgos is the province that saw our industrial project born. The place that gave us more than 40 years ago the opportunity we needed to become the aeronautical family that we are today.

At Aciturri we understand Corporate Responsibility as a channel for our commitment to society; the way to “return” its contribution to our development.

That is why we´ve launched Polo Positivo: a business accelerator for industrial projects that we set up together with Grupo Antolín, Gonvarri, and the Foundations Tomás Pascual & Pilar Gómez-Cuétara and Caja de Burgos.

Organized around three collaboration programs, this initiative tries to generate an ecosystem in which to support a new generation of entrepreneurs and strengthen the existing industrial network, so then to work together for the development of innovative solutions to the challenges of industry 4.0.


New ideas

“Magnet of ideas” is the first of these programs, designed to promote initiatives with and identified market opportunity that generate direct employment in Burgos.

The entrepreneurs that lead them will have the advice of first level experts and experienced managers who will accompany them in the creation process of their industrial projects, and after which they will access the acceleration program that we will launch in 2020.


Renovated forces

“Boost SMEs” will be the project aimed at supporting already established companies that have identified a line of growth that leads them to be more profitable, generate employment, or internationalize.

Within Polo Positivo, we will help them to increase their size and competitiveness, which will also have a reflection on the creation of employment in our community.


New solutions

We will also open our doors to SMEs, entrepreneurs, startups, students and researchers who want to contribute to meet the real needs that we will raise in Industrial Challenge. A call that we will announce soon to identify innovative ideas and the teams that want to carry them out with our technical and financial contribution.

We believe in employment as an essential principle of social development, and we are committed to making Burgos one of the most important Industrial Development Poles in the country.


Together we make industry.

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