Aciturri’s total turnover exceeds €300 million

Aciturri’s total turnover exceeds €300 million

Aciturri’s total turnover exceeds €300 million
  • In 2017, the company broke delivery records, took on new staff, and reinforced their engine component manufacturing business.

  • The firm aims at a turnover of €400 million by 2020.

Aciturri, a flagship company worldwide in the development and manufacturing of aeronautical components, wrapped up 2017 with a significant increase in their total revenue: €303 m., comparatively higher than the 271 m. they earned the year before.
Boasting a team of 1,445 professionals, the company’s financial goals for 2018 aim at a total turnover of €323 m.

Aciturri is currently working in two business divisions. The first, Aciturri Aerostructures, focuses on the design, manufacturing, and assembly  of aerostructures (the ensemble of wing, fuselage, empennage, etc.) for the main manufacturers in the sector: Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer (Brazil).In this area, the company takes part in major projects that involve different responsibilities: A350 XWB, A320 Neo, B737, B787, A400M, KC390...

Concerning the aerostructures market, Aciturri has experienced tremendous growth in the last ten years, always prioritizing related investments in order to expand their project portfolio and find new clients.

Consolidated in the role of aerostructures high-level supplier (Tier 1) for the big players in aircraft manufacturing, Aciturri has concentrated on promoting Aciturri Aeroengines, the division that focuses on the manufacturing of engine components: primary structures, casings, rings, etc. Their Aeroengines client portfolio includes major companies like Safran Aircraft Engines, Rolls Royce, General Electric, and ITP Aero. At present, this division represents about 8% of the group’s total revenue, and the aim is to bring it up to 18% by 2020.

In the last few years, Aciturri’s Aeroengines division has landed new component manufacturing contracts for the Trent 1000, LEAP, and Trent XWB engines.


A delivery record-breaking year

As for the Aerostructures division, in 2017 Aciturri has made major deliveries for the Beluga XL and the Ventral Fin A320.

"The contract for the Beluga XL was granted back in 2015, but the first delivery wasn’t made until 2017. As for the Ventral Fin A320, for which we are the only suppliers, we delivered 262 units in 2017" explains Ginés Clemente. "In 2017, the three major programs in our aerostructures business - A350, A320, and B787 - broke all delivery records" he adds. Aciturri is the only supplier for the A350 of the components they manufacture: the VTP, Section 19 for both V900 and V1000 versions, and the Outboard Flaps for version V1000.

Looking ahead

One of Aciturri’s main objectives is the development of their technology plan. In 2017, the company invested €7 m. in R+D. Additionally, they spent €17.4 m. on the development of new products, processes, and manufacturing technology. Aciturri has a strategic plan in place with a turnover target of €400 m. by 2020.

At the same time, they are raising their game regarding internationalization and global positioning, both key aspects for the firm. They own plants in Spain and Portugal, but are also operational in Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, the US, Brazil, and China.

‘Our efforts toward internationalization will continue to be a key factor in the forthcoming years. This goal is part of our true commitment to innovation and to a valuable offer capable of contributing to the aeronautical sector’s supply chain in its entirety, from inception to industrialization’ says Ginés Clemente. ‘We are very happy about what we have achieved so far, and we are absolutely convinced that we will accomplish even more thanks to our commitment to competitiveness’ the CEO states.

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