Aciturri begins deliveries for the A330 Outboard Aileron Spars

Aciturri begins deliveries for the A330 Outboard Aileron Spars

Aciturri begins deliveries for the A330 Outboard Aileron Spars

Aciturri Aerostructures has completed the delivery of the first serial parts for the A330 NEO Outboard Aileron Spars, which are supplied directly to Strata, responsible for ordering and assembly activities.

Our company participates in this program since 2014 with the assembly for Alestis of the Front Passenger Door structures; and by the end of 2016 we assumed the Aileron Outer Spar (AOS) package for NEO & CEO versions of the aircraft, an award that has meant our first commercial collaboration with Airbus Nantes.

In September 2017, the required certifications for the transfer of the parts were approved. Until the start of series production and the first delivery in 2018, our team faced important challenges related, mainly, with the realization of manufacturing and certification tests.          
The manufacture of FPQ (First Part Qualification) components and the audits for process certification, required for the validation of the elements’ quality level, also involved an additional effort, which we successfully completed –sometimes even in record time-.

Currently, Aciturri is sole supplier of these elements, for which we haven’t needed tooling duplication, an additional challenge in the transfer of this program from Airbus Nantes to Aciturri.

Our team from Aerostructures Tres Cantos, responsible for the program, has already completed the industrialization of both versions of the plane -NEO and CEO-, for whose manufacturing they have carried out flat lay-up with forming and autoclave cycles, followed by CNC machining and painting activities.

In the project, in which work our areas of Process Engineering, Tooling, Industrialization, Operations, Quality, Subcontracting and Lean, covers the manufacturing of 600 planes until 2026, with a delivery rate of between 4 and 5 aircraft/month.

The good relationships stablished with the client, together with the accurate execution we´re reaching, open up new business opportunities for Aciturri, which we hope to face with the guarantees provided by our position as a global aerostructures Tier 1.

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