Aciturri accelerates its recovery and generates employment again

Aciturri accelerates its recovery and generates employment again

Aciturri accelerates its recovery and generates employment again

- It has hired 182 professionals in the first 8 months of 2022 and needs to hire 62 more before the end of the year.
- 2022 marks the beginning of a recovery that the company expects to complete by the end of 2024 with result and employment figures similar to those of 2019.

The progressive increase in air traffic in recent months, driven mainly by the increase in short and medium-haul routs, is allowing Aciturri to gradually recover the significant drop in workload suffered by the irruption of COVID 19. For several months now the company has been increasing its production activity on previous contracts, has begun work on new projects such as those assigned by Lilium in 2021 or recently by Deutsche Aircraft, and is once again generating employment with the forecast of exceeding 240 new hires in the current year.

2022 is thus confirmed as a year that will be better than the previous two and marks the beginning of a recovery process that the company expects to culminate by the end of 2024, reaching result and employment figures similar to those of 2019. In this context, the firm has already hired 182 people and has also incorporated 90 additional people into its scholarship, internship and end-of-career project programs.

56 new aeroengines and engineering hires by the end of 2022

In the coming months, this recovery dynamic will intensify mainly in the engine components business and in the engineering areas. The market's confidence is allowing Aciturri to grow at a higher rate than expected in the engine segment, adding new contracts and increasing the volume of those already assigned. This is the case of the contracts associated with the LEAP family, a new generation of more efficient and environmentally friendly engines, which equips single-aisle aircraft - short and medium range - such as those of the Airbus A320 family, the best seller in the market and which is expected to exceed the annual number of units sold before the pandemic in 2024.

To support this growth process, Aciturri Aeroengines has completed during the last two years the necessary investments both in technology and in the development of processes and new products at the Ircio work center (Miranda de Ebro, Burgos) and plans to incorporate 40 people to the plant's production team before the end of the year.

This incorporation plan includes a specific training period in production processes of engine components, so it is open to both experienced professionals and students looking for Work Center Training (FCT), internships or Vocational Training in "modalidad dual", and includes offers for different production profiles such as machining, assembly or inspection.

Likewise, the evolution of programs in the new air mobility segment such as Lilium, the activation of new projects and lines of work in R&D such as liquid hydrogen storage in aviation or cryogenic tanks, and the work associated with the Space business, require the immediate incorporation of 22 people with degrees in aerospace or industrial engineering and with experience in the sector to the Design Engineering and Calculation Engineering teams at Madrid and Seville offices. This recruitment process will be completed with the incorporation in the first quarter of 2023 of 10 additional people to the Engineering teams.

All offers are available on the Careers Portal.

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