Aciturri Aerostructures expands the capacity of Ayuelas

Aciturri Aerostructures expands the capacity of Ayuelas


The Ayuelas Working Center team has completed the installation of a new high-speed machining center (33000 rpm) for aluminum detail parts manufacturing up to 3500 mm. In addition to an increase in production capacity, the investment involves the creation of a double internal source and the reduction of risks due to machine stops.

This investment, backed by the guarantee of already having similar technology in the same plant, has also meant an important organizational improvement.

The Technical Services team, with the support of the Ayuelas machining area, has completed the process of installing and starting up the new machining center and reorganising the plant's capacities. The new layout makes it possible to reduce the physical space allocated to the warehouse and optimize the internal logistic flows, improve the storage processes and increase the space dedicated to spare parts and maintenance.

In addition, the paint adjustment cabin and the drying oven were reorganized and integrated into a dedicated space. Now this installation is under a common system of air conditioning in protected atmosphere, which eliminates the risk of contamination of the circulating product or in process.

Since October of this year, Ayuelas has the internal capacity of double-source manufacturing of the A350 program references transferred to the new machine (VTP & S19), as required by the customer's requirements, and guarantees the availability of sufficient capacity to deal with this and other programs. In this process of improvement, Aciturri has been able to increase the internal load and have more flexibility to face new additional workloads.

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