Aciturri´s first delivery for Airbus BelugaXL

Aciturri´s first delivery for Airbus BelugaXL

Aciturri´s first delivery for Airbus BelugaXL

Aciturri has delivered to the Assembly Line of Airbus in Toulouse the first set of auxiliary vertical stabilizers and the extension of the horizontal stabilizer box (HTP) of the future BelugaXL.
A work team of the company will also move, in the next few weeks, to the facilities in the city to complete the integration on the HTP.

The delivery is part of the project with Airbus for the design and manufacturing of the work package 230 of BelugaXL, the super transporter that Airbus use to transport aircraft mains components between its European production facilities. For two years, the engineering teams of Aciturri have been working closely with the client –some of them in the facilities of Airbus in Toulouse-  for the new design of the whole project and for the definition of several manufacturing processes.

Aciturri is in charge of the manufacturing and management of metallic and composites components, as well as of the final assembly which is made in the facilities of the company in Seville (Spain). As part of the BelugaXL program, Aciturri is responsible of the production of ventral fins, stabilizers located at the bottom of the fuselage tail.

BelugaXL will support the important increases in production foreseen in several programs, as the A350XWB commercial aircraft.

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