Aciturri promotes the Clean Aviation program of the EU

Aciturri promotes the Clean Aviation program of the EU

Aciturri promotes the Clean Aviation program of the EU
  • The company is one of the founders of Clean Aviation, an EU public-private partnership with a total investment of 4.1 billion euros.

  • The main objective is for European aviation to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Aciturri confirms its commitment to the development of a sustainable aeronautical industry by joining the group of founding organizations of Clean Aviation, a public-private initiative of reference in the European Union for the development of new disruptive aeronautical technologies that support the European Green Pact and the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050. These technologies will enable a net reduction of greenhouse gases of no less than 30% compared to the technology used today.

Aciturri will participate, together with companies in the sector, universities and research centers, both in Clean Aviation's decision-making bodies and in the execution of the necessary actions for the development of technological solutions focused on boosting energy efficiency and reducing emissions from future aircraft in three areas:

  1. Hybrid electric regional aircraft, promoting research and innovation in novel electric (hybrid) architectures and their integration, and the maturation of technologies for the demonstration of novel configurations, on-board power concepts and flight control.
  2. Ultra-efficient aircraft, addressing short- and medium-range needs with innovative aircraft architectures, making use of highly integrated and ultra-efficient thermal propulsion systems and providing disruptive improvements in fuel efficiency.
  3. Hydrogen propulsion, which will enable aircraft and engines to harness the potential of hydrogen as an alternative fuel.

 In the words of Álvaro Fernández Baragaño, CEO of Aciturri, "a process of transformation of our industry towards a more sustainable model is necessary and this is one of the pillars on which we develop our business strategy. In this area we are taking important steps towards a new mobility, getting involved in zero emission programs such as Lilium's electric aircraft and developing new technologies related to hydrogen".

Regarding the new European initiative, Fernández Baragaño stressed that "the public-private alliance and the collaboration of companies, research centers and academic centers is the way to achieve the objective of decarbonization of the sector. Participating as founding members of Clean Aviation gives us the opportunity to renew the commitment we had previously made with our work on Clean Sky 2".

Clean Aviation places 2030 and 2050 as the main milestones for the program. In 2030, with the demonstration and introduction of low-emission aircraft concepts that will leverage the results of clean aviation research, using sustainable fuels so that airlines can have these innovations in service by 2030-2035. And by 2050, achieving emission-neutral aviation through mature technologies along with the deployment of sustainable aviation fuels and alternative energies.

The program, based on a public-private partnership, involves an investment of €4.1 billion, with €1.7 billion of public funding and an additional contribution from private partners of at least €2.4 billion.

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