Aciturri approaches the US market in commercial mission

Aciturri approaches the US market in commercial mission

Aciturri approaches the US market in commercial mission

The commercial managers of Aciturri Aerostructures and Aciturri Aeroengines have participated in the direct mission of the aeronautical sector to the East Coast of the USA organized by Extenda, a great opportunity to get in touch with aerospace companies of this region, such as Sikorsky- -Lockheed Martin, Pratt&Whitney, UTCA Aerospace Systems, Piper Aircraft or Kaman, among others.

The initiative, which has been a unique forum to present Aciturri, has served both to bring our industrial project closer to these companies -and explore future opportunities with them- and to meet others that are interested in being part of supply chains similar to ours.

Likewise, we have been able to know about the opportunities and advantages offered by some of the North American states (specifically Florida and Connecticut) to foreign companies for their establishment in the USA; and to familiarize ourselves with the contact channels in those states that will allow us to maintain future contacts with other organizations that may be of our interest.

From Aciturri, it has been a privilege to participate in this mission, especially in order to explore possible collaborations in our idea of ​​establishing, as part of our international expansion, an office in the USA from which to provide our clients a closer commercial support, as well as to strengthen the development of our supply chain and engineering service.

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