Aciturri integrates the Safety, Health & Environmental systems

Aciturri integrates the Safety, Health & Environmental systems

Aciturri integrates the Safety, Health & Environmental systems

As a result of the 2020-22 strategy and objectives, the company has developed and integrated Safety, Health and Environment management into a single system.

As we mentioned in a previous article, this union is leading to an important internal cultural transformation, both due to the environmental awareness of the entire team, as well as the constant corporate search for efficiency and sustainability of our industrial project.

In this line, the Health and Safety and Environmental audits, carried out jointly in 2020 by DNV, show very satisfactory results due to the high degree of integration in both areas. As a result, in 2021 they are scheduled to be carried out in an integrated manner and in 2022 the recertification process will be unique.

In detail we can point out that the "micro-improvements" achieved at the proposal of people in the organization in waste segregation and reduction processes, translates into a clear productive efficiency. In synthesis they are:

  • Recycling of packaging.
  • Reduction of plastic packaging.
  • Recovery of metallic materials (rivets, drill bits, sludge...).

As a complement to this integrating effort, we have developed several internal environmental awareness campaigns, aimed at reducing the consumption of plastic or the recycling of polluting materials. We have also signed agreements with collaborating companies such as Ecopilas and Ambilamp for the recycling of batteries and fluorescent bulbs.

These processes and their results are evidence of the corporate philosophy of continuous improvement in the reduction of our environmental impact, and of the path taken by Aciturri in Health and Environment in the achievement of common objectives. It also implies that the people who form part of the Aciturri project have a high degree of environmental commitment, that synergies are an internal reality and that these report notable improvements in all value processes.

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