Top Employer certifies Aciturri for its excellence in People management

Top Employer certifies Aciturri for its excellence in People management

Top Employer certifies Aciturri for its excellence in People management

Top Employers Institute is the global authority in recognizing excellence in people management in relation to the work environment. Its ranking is based on an analysis of Human Resources (HR) practices in six areas and in relation to specific issues such as talent strategy, work environment, incorporation of people, learning, diversity, equity and inclusion or well-being.

Aciturri Aeronáutica has been recognized by Top Employer Institute as an excellence company in people management. Our organization establishes a long-term relationship model with the people who join the project, and includes among its strategic objectives that of "being an employer of reference". To this end, it has formal internal listening processes that allow all employees to evaluate their experience as employees and to propose initiatives aimed at improving people management. This dynamic has led in recent years to the incorporation of various measures, especially in the area of flexibility and work-life balance, such as flexible remuneration, teleworking and banking hours.

"We have important challenges ahead of us and we need to continue to strengthen internal talent and incorporate people who add value. Comparing our people management practices with those of firms that have been rated as the best globally helps us to establish a cycle of continuous improvement in this area as well, and to incorporate the best practices that are being implemented in the market," said Isabel Vallejo, Aciturri's Director of People, Safety and Environment.

Regarding the certification process, the CEO of Top Employers Institute, David Plink, says: "Exceptional times bring out the best in people and organizations. And we have witnessed that in our Top Employers Certification Program this year: exceptional performance from the certified Top Employers 2023. These employers have always demonstrated that they care about the development and well-being of their people. In doing so, they collectively enrich the world of employment. We are proud to announce and celebrate this year's group of leading people-oriented employers: the Top Employers 2023."

The Aciturri team will collect the certificate next February 9 in Madrid at an event together with the other 2023 certified companies.

Top Employers Institute is the global authority on recognizing excellence in people-related practices. They help accelerate these practices to enrich the world of work. Through the Top Employers Institute Certification Program, participating companies can be validated, certified and recognized as an employer. Created more than 30 years ago, Top Employers Institute has certified 2052 organizations in 121 countries/regions. These certified Top Employers have a positive impact on the lives of more than 9.5 million employees worldwide.

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