Aciturri finishes its certification process in ISO 45001

Aciturri finishes its certification process in ISO 45001

Aciturri finishes its certification process in ISO 45001
ISO 45001

An intense year of adaptation and audits that integrated in record time the company's Environmental Management System.


Aciturri had been working since 2017 with the OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System as part of the corporate strategy to promote safety as an element for competitiveness. In this line, and motivated by the evolution towards the international standard ISO 45001, the company started this process in mid 2019.

The ISO standard implementation involves many advantages, especially in the global environment where Aciturri operates, apart from allowing the integration of directives, synergies and lines of action in the management systems implemented under the ISO standard ( Health & Safety, Environment and Quality) . Thus, the adaptation allows to apply significant improvements in the processes and control systems, reporting, continuous improvement and its extension to the supply chain.

The ISO 45001, is the international system for the management of safety and health at work. The most effective current tool of continuous improvement for the reduction of accidents and occupational diseases. We could refer specifically to:

  • Risk reduction in the workplace.
  • Continuous improvement of working conditions.
  • Development of the preventive culture.
  • Staff motivation and commitment.
  • Performance improvement and efficiency.
  • Commitment to CSR and brand reputation.
  • Decrease of injuries and occupational diseases.

During this adaptation path, it is important to point out that the external auditors consider that Aciturri, in spite of having only one year in the integration of the Health and Safety systems with those of the Environment, has robust processes and a mature system. In fact, it is causing important internal synergies that have improved the planning of future audits in an integrated way. This also results in the whole system efficiency.

It is difficult to express in words the naturalness with which Aciturri has made and internalized this change from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001. We are proud of how the whole organization has contributed to facilitate the adaptation processes, while integrating and strengthening the whole environmental management system.

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