Aciturri, Kaizen Award to the Continuous Improvement Strategy

Aciturri, Kaizen Award to the Continuous Improvement Strategy

Aciturri, Kaizen Award to the Continuous Improvement Strategy

The company's work has been recognized this afternoon in the 8th edition of the KAIZEN™ Lean award where Kaizen Institute distinguishes annually the organizations in the Spanish market that are references in good practices of continuous improvement.

José Ángel Galindo, Operations Director, has received the Aciturri’s award in the category of Excellence in the Continuous Improvement Strategy, in a virtual meeting held to present the acknowledgements and which has revolved around the message "Reinvent, rebuild, reimagine".

In his speech, Galindo has highlighted "the complexity of this type of project in an industrial company like Aciturri, immersed for 12 years in an intense growth evolution" and "the involvement of shareholders, management team, Lean team and staff from all facilities in a process of global transformation of the company, understanding and embracing the idea that the improvement day by day is what will allow us to be better and more competitive in the long term”.

Aciturri has been immersed in this project of Continuous Improvement for three years, a period in which it has managed to deploy this transformation to the whole organization and consolidate more than 160 natural work teams, capable of working together on a daily basis and of implementing in the last year almost 5000 improvement initiatives, as well as improving work spaces, creating standards and sharing their best practices with the whole company.

The companies Quirón Salud, Renault Aftersales and THIELMANN, have also been recognized in this seventh edition of the Kaizen Lean award for their continuous improvement projects and their orientation towards operational excellence. About the awarded companies, Borja Iglesias, director of Kaizen Institute Spain, has said that "being more efficient and more productive is not only a matter of reducing costs. With this award we recognize the Spanish companies that most innovate when it comes to optimizing their business processes".


About the KAIZEN™ Lean Award

The KAIZEN™ Lean Award was created in 2011 to recognize organizations that are leading the application of the KAIZEN™ method, to drive continuous improvement efforts, and to inspire change among business leaders.

In Spain, it has been held annually since 2013. In its seven editions, it has received more than 3,000 applications and has distinguished more than 50 organizations, including BNP Paribas, Mahou San Miguel, Correos, IVECO, Enagás, NH Hotel Group, Mapfre or Servicio Gallego de Salud.

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