Aciturri transforms its IC tecnologies & systems

Aciturri transforms its IC tecnologies & systems

Aciturri transforms its IC tecnologies & systems

As part of the monitoring and continuous improvement processes of Aciturri's information/communication systems and technologies, a limitation of resources was detected in the company's servers, mainly due to the strong growth in the data volume managed by the systems linked to the operations of the group's companies. This situation was leading to a decrease in the efficiency of administrative tasks, as well as in the agility in the availability of the KPIs that facilitate business decision making.

For approximately 9 months, the Aciturri Systems team has focused its activity on a migration project to a CLOUD environment of the main systems that support operations (SAP, MES, Business Intelligence...) that focuses precisely on improving the previous situation.  

This project has involved the deployment of a relevant technological change, basically lies in the fact that the data are not stored as before on disk, but these are housed directly in the memory of SAP servers with HANA databases.

The results

The development and implementation of this CLOUD migration project has made data processing and access to information radically faster. The availability of this technology also allows us to scale the systems according to the demand for hardware resources, be it temporary or structural.

On the other hand, the implementation of complementary tools provides the company with a solid "Disaster recovery system" that guarantees service continuity and data availability, thanks to the "mirrors" available from two data processing centers (DPCs) located in Spain, making it possible to select at any given time which of them provides service to the entire Aciturri team. The system also reports significant performance improvements in BW queries (40%), BO reports (93%) or scheduled SAP jobs (70%).

In conclusion, we can confirm this digital transformation project allows Aciturri to evolve technologically towards systems and tools that result in the availability, sustainability, security and operational efficiency of the information and communication processes of our business.

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