Aciturri, a team of committed people against COVID-19

Aciturri, a team of committed people against COVID-19

Aciturri, a team of committed people against COVID-19

We are going through very difficult weeks and the health alert is posing an unimaginable challenge for all us as a society. In view of this situation, in Aciturri we offer our technology, knowledge and human team to help as much as possible to the needs of those who are in the first line, safeguarding our basic needs.

Thus, since the end of March, we have launched 3 different initiatives to achieve this goal of solidarity

In our plants of Aciturri Aeroestructures in Boecillo (Valladolid) and Tres Cantos (Madrid), a team of volunteers has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of protective gowns made with high resistance plastic auxiliary material that we usually use in the manufacturing processes of parts for the aeronautical sector. This already means a manufacturing capacity of 2,000 coats/day, which we have been supplying since April 1st to Civil Protection, health centres, workers in nursing homes and local police in various parts of Spain: Madrid, Valladolid, Miranda de Ebro, Vitoria, Soria, Seville and Cadiz.

Likewise, and to date, our purchasing team has managed to manage the supply of protective masks that we are also distributing in the same places as the protective gowns, as well as in companies in our area of activity. 

On the other hand, since March 23rd, we continue with the additive manufacture in Gijón and Miranda de Ebro, of the headbands for the protective screen PPE used in health centres, civil protection and retirement homes throughout Spain. We have already delivered more than 600 units, thanks also to the particular aid of several employees.

This is the contribution of the people that make up Aciturri to the health crisis that we have experienced. Initiatives that will surely continue to grow within an industrial project like Aciturri's, which is supportive and committed to society. A work team formed by committed people so that we all get out of this bad dream as soon as possible.


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