Aciturri at AeroTrends in Bilbao

Aciturri at AeroTrends in Bilbao

Aciturri at AeroTrends in Bilbao

Jorge Martínez, Head of R&D Programs, will give a presentation on Aciturri's vision in hydrogen storage for aircraft; and Ester Porras, Director of Engineering and Innovation, will participate in the jury of the Aerochallenge award.

On the road to sustainable and carbon neutral aviation, it is necessary to solve, among others, the challenge of storing hydrogen as an aircraft fuel. "Enabling Hydrogen Storage in Aircraft" will allow Jorge Martinez to synthesize in the "Next Trends" forum, an innovative hydrogen tank concept developed by Aciturri. A technically, economically and environmentally viable solution that minimizes the mass ratio between the tank structure and the transported fuel, while maintaining safety and operating conditions compatible with current commercial aviation operations. The lecture will be held on October 6 at 14:30 at the "Bizkaia Aretoa UPV/EHU" Exhibition and Conference Center.

The following day, at the closure ceremony of the congress, the Aerochallenge prize will be awarded. This is the first competition for new ideas organized by HEGAN and aimed at groups of students, doctoral students or researchers that promotes entrepreneurship in the aerospace industry. Ester Porras, Director of Engineering and Innovation at Aciturri, will participate in the jury of this first edition. Aerochallenge will reward the best idea, disruptive or close to becoming an industrial project, sustainable in the aeronautical and/or space sector.

AeroTrends is a congress organized by Hegan and with which we collaborate on a regular basis. It will take place on October 6 and 7, 2022 at the Exhibition and Conference Center "Bizkaia Aretoa UPV/EHU" in Bilbao. In this edition, we will deal with issues of great relevance for the aeronautical sector, such as the environment, circular economy or advanced manufacturing, among others.

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