Aciturri Aeroengines expands its technological capacity

Aciturri Aeroengines expands its technological capacity

Aciturri Aeroengines expands its technological capacity

The Aciturri Aeroengines plant in Orón has increased its catalogue of EDM technologies with the incorporation of a new equipment that allows to perform the fast drilling process "High-speed EDM hole drilling".      
This technology is specifically designed for the realization -with great precision and high speed- of drills that, due to their characteristics (small diameters, great depth or complex accessibility), can’t be done with conventional machining centres.

EDM (electrical discharge) machining is a shavings removal process indicated for electrically conductive materials, which employs controlled sparks produced between an electrode (which can be considered the cutting tool) and a workpiece, in the presence of a di-electric fluid.

The new equipment incorporated Aeroengines Orón is specially designed for drilling of turbine engine components. It has 6 axes with numerical control and automatic charging and guiding of electrodes; in addition to a di-electric filtration unit, high-pressure "washing" and fast electrode break-thru detection system. The drilling process is made with a rotary tube-shaped electrode, and the high-pressure washing process allows the instantaneous evacuation of the stripped material.

The start-up of the equipment took place during the months of September and October, and in November we achieve the NADCAP assessment that certifies the process.

This new process represents an important milestone for our Aeroengines Orón plant, that makes a technological leap in its EDM capabilities and its degree of automation. Also, with this step, our facilities increase its technological capacity with the incorporation of this differential process for the aerospace sector, as well as our business opportunities for the development of pieces with high added value.

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