Aeroengines Ircio expands its industrial capacity

Aeroengines Ircio expands its industrial capacity

Aeroengines Ircio expands its industrial capacity

Aciturri Aeroengines Ircio has acquired two new 5-axis machining centers –an MCM machine and a Hermle- with which we continue to increase our technological capacity in the aeroengines component manufacturing segment, and that will increase by 25% our production capacity in this plant.

Both equipments have a set of multi-position heads that allows the integration of different types of machining (milling and turning) with multitasking solutions, and have also 5-units’ automatic to automatically concatenate jobs.

The MCM machine is the seventh in operation at our Ircio plant, which again increases our capacity for the development of metallic manufacturing processes, allowing us both to respond to the increase in demand of current programs and make new engines components.

The new Hermle, the third in our Aeroengines plant, has the particularity of being equipped with a double tool-loader tower (with a load capacity of up to 462 units) that gives us significant saving in preparation times for machining tasks.

Its integrated work software allows to complete flexible production management, and the computerized numerical control (CNC) system that directs the position and speed of the motors allows complex movements and high speed, providing greater control to the machine.

Thanks to this new expansion in machinery, we will increase our series production capacity for the latest industrializations achieved in Aciturri, in addition to provide our Ircio plant with a greater capacity available for the assumption of new projects.

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