Aciturri extends the “Zero damage” programs to new facilities

Aciturri extends the “Zero damage” programs to new facilities

Aciturri extends the “Zero damage” programs to new facilities

Last February we launched the "Zero damage" project for the first time in Aciturri Assembly Seville, for the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries of our human team.         

Now, given the remarkable success that the project is having in Seville, and after the approval by the HR management and the administrative team of each plant, we extend this initiative to Aerostructures facilities in Boecillo (Valladolid) and Tres Cantos (Madrid). 

From July to September will be developed the first stage of study and observation, in which a specialized physiotherapist will observe the different work positions, analyzing the tasks that are developed in them, in order to determine the ergonomic improvements and appropriate recommendations to each one of them.

This observation tasks will be complemented with the realization of electromyography tests, carried out by members of the biomechanics department of the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (INEF) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, with which the results of the observations will be supported.

In this way, each working group can be provided with the best information about warm-ups, stretches, rotations between tasks or specific recommendations on safer ways of work.

This stage of study is crucial for the proper development of the subsequent phase in which directed sessions will be conducted to learn and train the warm-up and stretching routines previously defined, and for the third therapeutic-preventive phase, which could be supported by Physiotherapy in plant.

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