Aciturri ends deliveries for the Airbus A380

Aciturri ends deliveries for the Airbus A380

Aciturri ends deliveries for the Airbus A380

Our team from Aciturri Aerostructures Boecillo has successfully completed the last four deliveries for the Airbus A380 horizontal stabilizer (HTP) & rudders, a program in which we have participated as risk-sharing partner since 2003, with in-house design and development.

Since the first delivery in 2004, Aciturri has manufactured 273 airplanes, reaching the highest delivery rate between 2011 and 2013: up to 3 airplanes per month (around 30 airplanes per year).

During this time, we’ve been responsible for the design, manufacture and assembly of ribs, stringers, fairings, fittings, supplements and angular parts of the plane. In these process, almost all the areas of our company have been involved: Product Definition, Process and Tooling Engineering, Quality, Certification, Operations, Subcontracting, Purchasing, Logistics and Human Resources.

The participation in a program as relevant as this has meant several milestones for our company, such as the start-up of our facilities in Boecillo, specialized in composites, which has been responsible, together with Tres Cantos, for the manufacture of this kind of pieces for the A380. Likewise, it has led us to use new -until then- technologies such as automatic lay-up and heat forming.

The metallic parts have been developed in Miranda de Ebro and, as part of the program, our team has also carried out activities of curing in autoclave, CNC machining, automatic ultrasonic inspection, surface treatments, assemby and pre-equipped.

Last February, Airbus formally announced the end of the A380 program, whose latest units will be delivered in 2021.

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