"Zero damage" project in Assembly Seville

"Zero damage" project in Assembly Seville

"Zero damage" project in Assembly Seville

On February 1st, we started the "Zero damage" program at our Assembly facilities located in Seville; a project that the Aciturri Prevention Service has been preparing for several months.   

Poor postures, handling of loads or repetitiveness in tasks cause musculoskeletal injuries, which are also aggravate with other factors alien to the work, like physical inactivity or aging. In Aciturri, we want to contribute to our human team´s wellness, so we started this initiative, which will be the first of similar others in the rest of the facilities.

After a first observation phase, we have identified the most frequent injuries in the different jobs, and we have designed some simple stretching routines specific to each one of them.

During the next two months, a physiotherapist will help us to learn and train these routines, acting as a facilitator in our meetings at the beginning of the day, and explaining in detail what we must do to prevent this type of injuries.

In April the Physiotherapy consultation will also starts, so that the employees that need it can relax the muscle groups affected by the work, as well as receive help to do their tasks adopting the healthiest positions for them.

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