New improvements in firefighting systems

New improvements in firefighting systems

New improvements in firefighting systems

In Aciturri we strive to maintain a high standard of fire protection that exceeds legal regulations and that differentiates us above the average of the aeronautical sector.

For this purpose, the Technical Services and Health and Safety areas are jointly coordinating, since 2016, the installation of new equipments for fire detection, extinction and prevention; adapted to the specific needs of each plant.

Thus, they´re implementing fire detection systems with high sensitivity equipment with aspiration detection, as well as installing automatic extinction systems at critical points such as transformers, electrical panels, etc.

At the same time, we are improving our facilities´ compartmentalization & warning communication, by installing bi-tonal alarm bell systems and emergency loudspeakers in the larger plants.

The deployment of the new equipment has already been successfully completed in our facilities in Orón, Ircio, Berantevilla and Seville, and during this year we plan to complete it in the centers of Ayuelas and Tres Cantos.

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