Aciturri completes 1000th B787 Dreamliner delivery

Aciturri completes 1000th B787 Dreamliner delivery

Aciturri completes 1000th B787 Dreamliner delivery

Aciturri Assembly Sevilla has delivered to Boeing the 1000th airplane for the B787 Dreamliner program.

Coinciding with a review of the project by the client in our facilities, our team scheduled the delivering act of the elements we manufacture for passenger door surround (PDS) of versions 8, 9 and 10 of the airplane.

The Boeing representative of WP13 (B787-PDS) for Europe, Gerald Buss; and the Field Representatives of Quality and Production Pedro de Lastra and Nadezhda Anischenko; made a visit to workshop and a joint review of the status of the program, together with Plant and Programs managers of Aciturri Assembly Sevilla. After that, they congratulated us for the good condition of our facilities, as well as for the performance of the program, in which we participate since 2014.

The supply of PDS for the B787 Dreamliner was the first direct contract of Aciturri Aerostructures with Boeing, and it has become into one of the most demanding for this division.

Our plants in Miranda de Ebro and Boecillo are responsible, respectively, for the manufacture of metallic and composite detail parts; which are sent to the plant in Seville, where the frames are assembled.

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