New careers site

New careers site

New careers site

Since today, Aciturri has a new careers site.

The new tool, which is part of the implementation of the Success Factors selection module, allows to modernize the management of recruitment processes, as well as to enhance the applicants experience.

Applicants can now be in direct communication with the recruiter, as well as to keep their profile registered and updated in our database. Also, they will have access to all our job opportunities in one single platform, and know about the status of their candidatures and each process at any time.

With regard to our employees, it is important to highlight the increase of transparency and talent management that represents the implementation of this new tool. At the Career module, they will be able to know about published job offers and apply to them, thus improving the knowledge of human resources team about their professional concerns. They can also refer those offers to people interested in working in Aciturri, and department managers could also participate in selection processes through the Recruitment module with the consultation and validation of CVs.

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