ZERO Injury project at Acatec Aeroassembling

ZERO Injury project at Acatec Aeroassembling

ZERO Injury project at Acatec Aeroassembling

At the end of last April, we completed the acquisition of a new assembly center in Getafe (Madrid).

As part of the process of its integration into Aciturri, we have launched in its facilities the first phase of our “Zero Injury” project, aimed at preventing and treating muscle & skeletal damages of our human team.

The project is structured around a first phase of observation, a second one of training and training, and a final start-up of the permanent physiotherapy consultation. We have been gradually implementing this program since 2018 at our plants in Seville and Boecillo -already in the last stage-, Tres Cantos and now Getafe, both in the study phase of the project.

During these months, our Prevention colleagues are identifying, together with a specialized physiotherapist, the most frequent injuries produced in each job, for designing the warm-up and stretching routines that can help fight them. In October, we´ll complete the training and training phase and begin the physiotherapy consultation.

The Zero Injury project is an initiative of the Aciturri Risk Prevention department that is complemented by other ergonomic actions such as the establishment of improvements in handling systems, workstation design, ergonomic flooring in standing positions, or improvements in environmental conditions of air conditioning and lighting.

With these measures, we are achieving an excellent result, maintaining a global reduction of accidents due to muscle & skeletal disorders in our plants of 38% and a reduction of lost days due to said cause of 72% (99% in Assembly Sevilla).

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