Clean Sky Infoday at Castilla y León

Clean Sky Infoday at Castilla y León

Clean Sky Infoday at Castilla y León

Jorge Martínez San Martin, coordinator in Aciturri of the R&D consortium EWIRA, participates this Wednesday in the Aviation Castilla y León working group Clean Sky Infoday, organized by the regional Institute for Business Competitiveness ICE and the Technological Center CTME in Valladolid.

The workshop is focused on disseminating the funding opportunities for projects through Clean Sky - supported by the EU's Horizon 2020 program – as well as the synergies with financing instruments of the government of Castilla y León through ICE. In particular, the Call for Proposals # 10 of Clean Sky 2 will be presented.

Within the framework of this project, focused on the development of new technologies that reduce the environmental impact of the aeronautical industry, Aciturri leads the EWIRA consortium, in which we work woth Caetano Aeronautic and The Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC). Together, we look for the development of innovative design, manufacturing and assembly technologies for wing components of the FTB#2 flight demonstrator of the Regional-IADP consortium.

During his presentation at the meeting, our colleague Jorge will review, in addition to the activities we carry out in Aciturri within this research project, the challenges we have faced in our role as a core-partner in the Clean Sky 2 program.

Since our inclusion in the project, at Aciturri we have been assuming a growing responsibility - in terms of contribution of innovation to design, manufacture and assembly- and to be able, recently, to start the industrialization of the first elementary pieces of the flight demonstrator.

This experience has led us to increase our capacity for the validation of new technologies, and our knowledge in the development of new aeronautical components.


InfoDay Clean Sky

The entities participating in Clean Sky regularly organize this type of meeting to disseminate the achieved progresses and to invite more organizations to collaborate in the program.

This edition in Castilla y León, in which representatives of other companies also participate - Cidaut Foundation, CIDETEC, the Industrial Technical Development Center (CDTI) and Airbus- will end with a visit to our Aerostructures facilities in Boecillo.

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