Aciturri sponsors the contest "Ebromergentes 2018"

Aciturri sponsors the contest "Ebromergentes 2018"

Aciturri sponsors the contest "Ebromergentes 2018"

Aciturri is supporting, together with the management team of Ebrovisión, the new talents contest "Ebromergentes 2018", aimed at non-professional national artists, groups & soloists.

We promote this non-profit contest as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, with the aim of supporting a local and cultural entrepreneurial initiative, contributing that way to the knowledge about Miranda that provides the festival, as well as to the economic activity what it generates in the City.

Those bands interested in being part of the contest, which must have a musical repertoire of at least 45 minutes, can do so until next July 4 through the online platform in which they have to provide a short biography of the artist or the group, and some sample of their work.

The winners will be part of this 18th edition of the festival, which is celebrated in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) between August 30 and September 1.

The local Association Amigos de Rafael Izquierdo celebrates Ebrovisión festival since 2001, the "main event" of the musical program they organize in Miranda throughout the whole year, that includes, in addition to musical performances, a large number of parallel activities distributed by the city, such as exhibitions, didactic performances for children, or a gastronomic show and a short films contest, among others.

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