The Bebot program launches the campaign of scientific popularization #BeCurious

The Bebot program launches the campaign of scientific popularization #BeCurious

The Bebot program launches the campaign of scientific popularization #BeCurious

Bebot, the initiative promoted by Aciturri in collaboration with the Caja de Burgos Foundation and the Coral Biscuit Foundation, has as its main foundation the promotion of technological vocations among school children and young people in Miranda del Ebro. And during these weeks, through its social networks, it has reinforced its online contents by launching the popular science campaign #BeCurious, which consists of three different activities: weekly scientific challenges, a drawing contest and scientific stories.

The aim is to give some continuity to the educational work carried out in the scientific and technological fields so that it does not suffer after the suspension of the training activity in Miranda de Ebro during the confinement period we are living. This campaign is made up of several activities, aimed at all the children and young people in the town, and they are free and accessible through the organisation's social networks.

With the weekly science challenges, children are encouraged to conduct experiments at home while incorporating new scientific knowledge. To do so, they have the collaboration of the prestigious scientist and popularizer Bárbara de Aymerich, who will present the different challenges, related to biology, physics, mathematics or archaeology, through a video.

Another of the activities of this campaign is the drawing contest 'The face of Covid’, aimed at school children from Miranda del Ebro and neighbouring towns. The idea is for them to develop their creativity and capture on paper what the coronavirus looks like to them, whether in drawings, comics or collages. The deadline for sending these materials, either through photos or by scanning the creations, is April 25th. The winners will receive two scientific books at home to enliven this stage of confinement.

Finally, and with the collaboration of researchers from the University of Burgos, Bebot is going to launch a series of information pills in the form of scientific stories to bring this type of complex content closer to the general population. This will be done by means of eye-catching posters to be shared on social networks that show these concepts in simple language and adapted to all audiences.

By the time the confinement is complete, Bebot Miranda plans to organize a hands-on workshop in which different members of the Miranda Makers group will show how 3D printers can make life-saving medical equipment. Currently, the Bebot Miranda 3D printer is one of the machines collaborating with this citizen initiative these weeks.

Aciturri promotes the Bebot initiative as part of its Social Responsibility policy and its special link with the promotion of scientific and technological culture and the support to the competence and professional development of the children and young people of Miranda.

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