Final assembly phase of the first components of EWIRA project for Airbus D&S

Final assembly phase of the first components of EWIRA project for Airbus D&S

Final assembly phase of the first components of EWIRA project for Airbus D&S

Aciturri Aerostructures has delivered the composite detail parts that will integrate the spoilers of the FTB#2 flight demonstrator of Airbus D&S, the aircraft that will test the new technologies developed within the European R&D program Clean Sky 2.

As part of this program, Aciturri leads the EWIRA consortium, in which, together with Caetano Aeronautic and The Manufacturing Technology Center (MTC), seeks innovative design, manufacturing and assembly solutions for components of the demonstrator wing.

One of the components that this consortium provides to Airbus is the spoiler now in final phase of assembly, whose detail parts are manufactured in Aciturri Aerostructures Boecillo and, later, are assembled in our plant in Seville.

The spoiler is integrated mainly by two composite detail parts with stiffening elements (two stringers and one omega) co-cured trying to achieve a highly integrated component.

This integration aims to reduce the number of rivets in the connections between composite parts, in order to achieve the consequent savings in parts number and weight.

For Aciturri, this activity has been an important exercise in terms of increasing our capacity in composites manufacturing, given the new treatments that the developed part has demanded.


Participation in Clean Sky 2

The Clean Sky 2 program is focused on improving the environmental impact of European aeronautical technologies and guaranteeing the future international competitiveness of the sector.

Within the same - from the EWIRA Consortium, Aciturri collaborates, in addition to the manufacture of the spoilers, with the manufacture and assembly of the ailerons and the assembly of a wing section of the flight demonstrator.

As part of this activity, we´re participating in the development, among others, of advanced techniques of assembly, drilling and others related to supplements application.

These technological lines will be applied in the different components of the flight demonstrator, as well as in others intended for ground tests. All this as a previous step of being applied in the current production of Aciturri.

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