FREMAP recognizes our work for risk prevention

FREMAP recognizes our work for risk prevention

FREMAP recognizes our work for risk prevention

We have received the recognition of FREMAP for achieving the bonus that the Social Security System gives to the companies that stand out for their efforts in reduction of work accidents, which also supposes a return of a % of the social taxes paid by the company.

Aciturri Metallic Parts and Aciturri Aerostructures have been recognized for their work in this area during the past 2016, year in which we have stood out for maintaining a decreasing accident rate and for our effort in prevention, both in investment and in management. In 2017 we have achieved this objective to 100% of the plants and companies.    

At Aciturri, we develop our own Occupational Health and Safety policies in order to combat any risk to our employees.

100% of our work centers are adapted to OHSAS requirements, in order to reduce occupational accidents and to promote a culture of prevention and we strive every day to make our company a safe and healthy environment.        

We want to be the best company to work for.

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