Galvatec and Aciturri

Galvatec and Aciturri

Galvatec and Aciturri

The relationship between Galvatec and Aciturri goes back many years ago, to the times of Castle Aero, where we were suppliers of Surface Treatments. Subsequently, the beginning and growth of Aciturri coincided with a change in our business model, which made us a Tier2 capable of offering a Build to Print service in aeronautical detail parts and subassemblies.

In this process of transformation, Aciturri played a fundamental role, trusting in our capabilities and taking a chance on us; as well as providing us with great value with its continuous audits and thanks to the support of its subcontracting department. Without this level of exigency and supervision, we would hardly have reached as far as we are now.

Today, Aciturri is one of our main clients, a strategic partner with which we collaborate in relevant programs such as Airbus A350, A400M and A380; the 737 and 787 of Boeing or the KC-390 of Embraer, among others.

If I had to define the company with just one word, it would definitely be professionalism. A serious, honest and demanding company (towards both itself and its partners) that complies with its agreements, and which we hope will continue growing together with the main OEMs and with all those who are part of its supply chain.


Francisco de la Vega,

CEO of Galvatec.

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