Aciturri receives the award “Best Human Resource Management” from CyL Económica

Aciturri receives the award “Best Human Resource Management” from CyL Económica

Aciturri receives the award “Best Human Resource Management” from CyL Económica

Aciturri has been awarded as a company with Best Management of Human Resources in the XII Awards of the publication Castilla y León Económica; that recognizes annually the best business initiatives in the region.

The award highlight our management of human resources in the last decade, a stage in which our team has evolved from 250 to 1,500 people. This work has been key to the growth of Aciturri, by orienting its work to the current and future needs of our company.

Our HR department, strategic partner of the business since 2009, is committed to the involvement and motivation of our employees, as well as with their relationship with the company's objectives. So, they link actions to the mission, vision and values ​​of Aciturri.

In the context of the design and manufacture of aeronautical structures and engine components, in which our professionals base their work on excellence and continuous improvement, our HR department achieves that the whole of the company works in the same line and towards a future common.

In the last 10 years, we have developed a human resources strategy divided into several stages, in which we have acquired extensive experience in the incorporation of talent with a high technological component in all our areas of work. Also, it has resulted in the creation of an own talent management model.

Focused on enhancing the capabilities of our people, Aciturri has implemented numerous initiatives such as the role model, which laid the foundations for the common management of evaluation, compensation and training. In this same line, we launched a Management School, the Aciturri Performance Evaluation (SEDA), and the programs Escuch&do and Tresdé, for us to communicate with employees and for the improvement of work conditions.

For 2018-2022 we are developing a strategy with five major objectives that will make us one of the best companies to work with, thanks, among other actions, to the creation of a Healthy Company Plan and the implementation of a Learning module.

The XII Awards of the publication Castilla y León Económica has also recognized one of the department's major initiatives: the "Zero Injury" program. It is aimed at preventing and treating musculoskeletal injuries derived from poor postures, load management or repetitiveness in daily tasks.

As part of it, a specialized physiotherapist visits the different jobs and analyzes the tasks carried out in them, to determine the ergonomic improvements and appropriate recommendations to each one of them.

The aim of Aciturri is to make employees feel involved in the company, recognized and committed with the project.

After all, our challenge is to offer the best working environment to the people that make our success possible.

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