Aciturri starts the industrialization of detail parts for the EWIRA flight demonstrator

Industrialization of detail parts for the EWIRA flight demonstrator

Industrialization of detail parts for the EWIRA flight demonstrator

Aciturri has begun the industrialization of the first detail parts of the ailerons and spoilers of the flight demonstrator FTB#2, which is being developed within the European R&D program Clean Sky 2 (belonging to H2020).

During the last months, our team has made progress on the maturity level (TRL) of jig-less technology for the ailerons´ assembly, which has been validated in a demonstrator during the first half of the year.      
Thanks to the use of this innovative technique, it is possible to reduce (by more than 25%) the tooling costs in assembly processes; as well as to achieve potential improvements in quality.

Some of the components of this new package have also been manufactured entirely using minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) technology, in which development has also participated Aciturri.

The use of this technique - which implementation is being carried out by Caetano Aeronautics and in which Aciturri has collaborated with the design of the prototypes- reduces environmental impact and metal machining activities costs, improving significantly their efficiency.

The FTB#2 flight demonstrator, led by Airbus Defense and Space within the Regional consortium-IADP (Clean Sky 2); integrates components developed with innovative design, manufacturing and assembly technologies; that aims to reduce the environmental impact and cost of aircrafts, as well as to improve their efficiency.

Aciturri participates in this initiative with the leadership of the EWIRA consortium (focused on the components of the demonstrator's wing), integrated by Aciturri Engineering, Aciturri Assembly, Caetano Aeronautics (in which Aciturri has a 50% stake) and The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC).

As part of this activity, our company also participates, together with the MTC, in the validation of critical parts with additive manufacturing technology, with significant potential reductions in weight and up to 90% in raw material waste.

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