INMAPA Aeronáutica and Aciturri

INMAPA Aeronáutica and Aciturri

INMAPA Aeronáutica and Aciturri

It has been more than 10 years since INMAPA Aeronáutica starts to collaborate in some of the main programs developed by Aciturri. During this journey and since its foundation in 2002, Aciturri has accompanied us and greatly favoured the growth of our company, being one of our most important clients.

INMAPA Aeronáutica and Aciturri

The joint work and our partnership relationship has allowed us to maintain a stable development based on collaboration and trust. Likewise, the good harmony and the existing closeness, together with the quality of work, have made possible to sustain high levels of success over all those projects in which we have participated together.

And, why not, we have also contributed together to position Castilla y León as a benchmark in the Spanish aeronautical industry.

Both companies share a similar vision regarding the pursuit of excellence through the performance of high quality work and for this reason, for Inmapa Aeronáutica, Aciturri will continue to be a reference partner.    



 Ignacio Villanueva

CEO of INMAPA Aeronáutica. 

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