New monitoring room for projects in Ayuelas

New monitoring room for projects in Ayuelas

New monitoring room for projects in Ayuelas

As part of our strategy for improvement and performance evaluation, based on the Lean Management model, we have launched a new monitoring room for projects at the Aciturri Aerostructures Ayuelas facilities.  

The area is structured in two different parts dedicated to Project Management -with capacity for the simultaneous monitoring of up to 12 improvement projects- and Plant Management -in which are integrated several panels about Management, Value Generation Units and related departments-.          
In this way, we deliver efficiency improvements for our processes both in the production area and with regard to aspects such as procurement or quality management in the plant.

For Aciturri, to maintain a continuous improvement activity is essential, as well as getting all of our human team involved in it. Therefore, to assist in this goal, the room has been located at an intermediate point between the Machining, Surface Treatments and Assembly working areas.     

Thus, we strive to standardize and extend the Lean methodology and our own ADN (Aciturri Development Network) across the entire organization, in order to develop an organizational culture that actively involves our people in the search for improvement opportunities in the performance of the different processes, activities and services that we develop.

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