Mariña Álvarez Borrageiros

Mariña Álvarez Borrageiros

Mariña Álvarez Borrageiros

When I was 25, just graduated in Aeronautical Superior Engineering, I joined the team of Aciturri as a fellow in the Department of Plant Engineering in Tres Cantos.

There, I worked first as an intern and later giving support to the Value Generating Unit (UGV) of the A350 program, as part of the Participatory Management System that exists in Aciturri, and carrying out the transfer of development engineering to the plant.

Between September 2016 and June 2017, I was assigned together with other colleagues to the Caetano plant in Portugal, as part of their industrialization project.

Last August I joined again the Tres Cantos facility, where I continue working in the Division and Plant Engineering. As part as this department, I support the UGVs in aspects such as the implementation of improvements, the monitoring of new development programs or future industrializations.

For me, the most valuable thing in Aciturri are its people: the best thing about working in this company is the team that forms it, from the offices to the workshop.
If it had to define who we are in three words, it would be "team, development and quality".
In Aciturri, what matters is effort and good ideas. If a proposal is viable and valuable, they trust you and help you implement it, regardless of whether you are an internship or you have 20 years of experience.  


Mariña Álvarez Borrageiros

Plant Engineer in Aciturri Aerostructures Tres Cantos.

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