New MCM machine at Aeroengines Ircio

New MCM machine at Aeroengines Ircio

New MCM machine at Aeroengines Ircio

Our colleagues at Aciturri Aeroengines have completed the installation of a new 5-axis machining center, the sixth in less than a year and a half, at our Ircio facilities (located in Miranda de Ebro, Burgos).

The equipment, which will be used for the metallic manufacturing processes developed in the plant, has several multi-position heads that allow the integration of possible machining with multitasking solutions: milling, turning and grinding.

Indicated for work with elements of up to 1150 mm in diameter, it also has a tooling loader -for up to 399 tools- and 5 pallets with automatic interlinking.

Its JFMX supervision software – exclusively developed by MCM- allows to perform a complete management of the flexible production, integrating in a single productive system numerous technologies of process.

In addition, the Siemens computer numerical control (CNC) software Sinuremik 840D, controls the position and speed of the engines that drive the different axes to make displacements such as arcs or circles, diagonals, helicoids and other 3D figures of great complexity.

This new equipment supposes an increase of 20% in the current capacities of Ircio for the machining of elements of big size, allowing us to respond to the increase of demand of the current programs and to manufacture new engine components.

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