2016 Annual report

2016 Annual report

2016 Annual report

In Aciturri, we annually draw up a corporate report which reviews our global history as a company and the most significant advances in our business areas and in R+D support.

2016 has been a year of important changes and renewal, in which we´ve assumed new challenges and continued consolidating our trend of growth, increasing our turnover by 24% in relation to 2015.

It has been a year to verify the suitability of having two autonomous division for the management of Aerostructures and Aeroengines areas. This structure has done possible to develop as efficiently as possible two business segments with different characteristics and in different stages of evolution.

Thus, while Aerostructures has focused its efforts on adapting its production capacity to high-rising programs; Aeroengines has strengthened its business structure and reached important goals related to industrialization processes and first deliveries.

In the year in which we´re celebrating our 40th anniversary, we can say that we have taken a qualitative leap in our contribution to the aeronautical value chain.

This report reveal the work and effort of all the people who have contributed to this achieve, and who make possible the Aciturri industrial project every day.

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