Manufacturing Execution System (MES) In Aciturri

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) In Aciturri

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) In Aciturri

Aciturri has launched a new MES system (Manufacturing Execution System) for the production control at our Aeroengines plants in Ircio and Orón.

The software allows us to monitor and document online the management of the plant in an integrated way, thus increasing the efficiency of our equipment (OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness), focusing on cost reduction and productivity improvement.

Specifically, the tool captures, directly and in situ, information related to production costs, thus ensuring its reliability and accuracy, and, consequently, making it possible to study opportunities for reducing them.

In parallel, it also identifies in detail the efficiency losses, and, with the help of our human team, allows us to classify and categorize them. In this way, we know what are the key points of improvement, and we enhance our decision making.

The system is working in our Ircio and Orón plants since July and September respectively, and during the next two years it will be extended to the rest of the Aciturri facilities, starting with Aerostructures Ayuelas in May 2019.

Its deployment is part of the project of digitization and industry 4.0 that we have in progress in Aciturri, which encompasses various initiatives in which we are working, such as the development of a new additive manufacturing center, process automation, procedure digitalization and paper elimination, or a new project of virtual and augmented reality for assembly processes, among others.

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