NEWBORN project kick-off

NEWBORN project kick-off

NEWBORN project kick-off

Aciturri participates in this research on a fuel cell for propulsion system for aircraft, leading the hydrogen line workpackage.

A consortium led by Honeywell met recently to launch a European Clean Aviation project that will develop a new generation of hydrogen fuel cells for the aviation industry. Project NEWBORN will involve multidisciplinary collaboration between 18 partners from 10 European countries to develop an aerospace-qualified megawatt-class fuel cell propulsion system powered by hydrogen. This project also would aim to achieve a close integration between an innovative integral low-weight liquid hydrogen storage solution (concept owned by Aciturri) and the rest of the fuel-cell system elements in order to maximize synergies and efficiency.

Achieving aviation’s transformation to climate-neutral requires a comprehensive arsenal of disruptive solutions that will bring momentous gains in aircraft energy efficiency coupled with low- or zero-carbon energy sources,” said Axel Krein, executive director of Clean Aviation. “With the launch of NEWBORN we can kick-start the necessary work to drive a step-change in aircraft performance and deliver EU Green Deal ambitions for net-zero flight.”

Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking, the European Union’s research and innovation program for transforming aviation toward a sustainable and climate-neutral future, will fund €700 million over 20 selected groundbreaking sustainability projects in response to its first Call for Proposals for disruptive technology research to power the climate-neutral aircraft of the future. Project NEWBORN was the No. 1 ranked project in the first Call for Proposals, receiving the highest score by the selection committee.

The complete press release from Honeywell, project leader, can be found HERE

NEWBORN project kick-offNEWBORN project kick-off

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